Coachin Racing GT4 Clubsport - Bugatti SHAKEDOWN Le Mans - 2019 June 5



We also offer a Racing course, an extension of the Coaching package designed to help the most advanced participants master all the capabilities of our top performance vehicles. This is the first step on the road to real motor racing.

This course is aimed at the most experienced drivers. Participation is subject to approval by our instructors.

Booking only by phone : +33 2 43 400 911


Theory: Driving position | Traction circle | Weight transfers | Braking / Timing | Driving lines (slow/fast/sacrifice)

Practice: Personalised instruction to suit each participant’s technical requirements and expectations | Your instructor will supervise you all day | Instruction laps to illustrate driving techniques | Use of Porsche 3D animations



  • €3,390 with GT3 RS of the Porsche Experience Center
  • €1,260 with your own Porsche GT3 RS


Packages for accompanying persons

Premium Package (16 years old & +) €290 | Welcome – restaurant – access to the track – off-road experience (on presentation of your driving licence) & hot-laps as a passenger)

Classic Package (12 years old & +) €65 | Welcome – restaurant – without any access to the track)

Classic Package for children (-12 years old) €20 | Welcome – restaurant – without any access to the track)


Please, don't forget to bring your Driving Licence.

If you are resident outside Europe, please furnish yourself with an international driving licence and/or an official French translation of such a driving licence. The original documents as well as the original foreign driving licence will imperatively have to be presented on the day of the course. 


If you prefer to drive your own Porsche, all participants are required to take a Pre-Race Check in the Porsche Centre during the month before their course, to ensure maximum driving safety. The Porsche Experience Center team reserves the right to immobilise any vehicle whose safety features show an advanced stage of wear. Pre-Race Check: all essential parts of the vehicle are checked, including engine, chassis, brakes, brake fluid, suspension, wheels and tyres, as well as aerodynamics. Remember to fill up with fuel before arriving. If your personal Porsche is a GT3, GT3 RS or GT4 Clubsport, a driving level validation is required. Please contact us before booking.



08.00 am
Arrival at the circuit. Welcome, coffee and pastries.
08.30 am
Porsche Briefing. Presentation of the day. Specifics of the GT3 RS, safety instructions and driving techniques. Theoretical content : studies of lines, braking and transfer of weight, grip and drift management. Personalised program to each driver.
09.30 am
Demonstration by your race instructor. 2 laps as a passenger of your race instructor in order to experience the circuit. First session
10.00 am
First session of Coaching with you race instructor next to you. Reminder of the fundamentals: position on-board (steering-wheel, pedals) Content on the techniques of driving: attacking braking, degressive braking, Optimised lines, Braking exercices, Series of bends & rapid chicanes, Lateral grip management, Controlling under and over steer in corners.
12.15 pm
Lunch at the Porsche Experience Center restaurant.
02.00 pm
Continuation of the Coaching session with 2 informative laps in the afternoon in order to perfect your skills.
05.00 pm
Hot laps : 2 laps as a passenger of your race instructor in order to visualise the efficiency of the techniques taught at a more dynamic pace. Debriefing of the day.
05.30 pm
Cocktail to round off the day. Racing certificates are awarded.
Open soft drinks bar throughout the day

Bugatti Circuit

Circuit Bugatti

• Length: 4.185 km.
• Track width: 10 to 15 metres.
• 60 boxes.
• Video network and track safety lights.
• FIA and FIM certified.

Geographical location

• 200 km from Paris, 55 minutes from Paris-Montparnasse railway station by high-speed TGV train.
• 160 km from Rennes

From Paris: A11 motorway towards RENNES-NANTES, A28 towards TOURS, Exit 23 'Le Mans Centre'.